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Todays overview is a simple suggested reading outline of the book of Colossians. This is a quint-essential book of the New Testament that deals with important themes such as salvation, and assurance of the believer. Stay tuned for more updates and elaboration on the outline. In the mean time, grab your Bible, turn to the Book of Colossians and follow our suggested teaching outline below:

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I.  The foundation of the believer's life, 1:1-11

            A.  The great belief of a great Christian, 1:1-2

            B.  The great pillars of the Christian life, 1:3-8

            C.  The great requests of prayer, 1:9-11


II.  The preeminent Christ:  God's dear son, 1:12-23

            A.  God and man:  what God has done for man, 1:12-14

            B.  God and Christ (Part I):  The person of Christ, 1:15

            C.  God and Christ (Part II):  Christ the creator, 1:16-17

            D.  God and Christ (Part III):  Christ the head of the church, 1:18-19

            E.  God and Christ (Part IV):  Christ the reconciler of all things, 1:20-23


III.  The needs of the church, 1:24-27

            A. The minister who tirelessly labors for the church, 1:24-29

            B.  The distinguished marks of a mature church, 2:1-7


IV.  The contrast between Christ and false teaching, 2:8-23

            A.  Christ vs. False philosophy and astrology, 2:8-10

            B.  Christ vs. False religion, 2:11-12

            C.  Christ vs. man's idea of sin, the law, and evil spirits, 2:13-15

            D.  Christ vs. rules, ritual, and Spiritism, 2:16-19

            E.  Criticisms of worldly philosophy and man-made approaches to God,



V.  The demands of the believer's new life:  great character, 3:1-17

            A.  The basis of the believer's new life, 3:1-4

            B.  The violent demands of the new life, 3:5-11

            C.  The clothing of the new life, 3:12-14

            D.  The heart of the new life, 3:15-17


VI.  The responsibilities of the believer, 3:18-46

            A.  The believer and his family, 3:18-21

            B.  The believer and his work, 3:22-41

            C.  The believer and his prayer life and witness, 4:2-6


VII.  Conclusion:  The example of some heroic Christian believers, 4:7-18



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