Bro. Marsh.- Bro. Eddie Marsh serves as the Church's interim pastor, leading teach and preaching services and directing us in this time of transistion. 

Norma Holman serves as the church clerk and has many years of clerical experience in churches. Her wisdom and forethought and excellent record-keeping skills help to make sure the church maintains an accurate record of business and other meetings necessary for the church to function. 

Vera Koonce serves as the church's children's ministry coordinators, including VBS director, and also, as song leader and pianist. Vera has a heart for children and a gift for teaching children in a loving and compassionate way, touching people with her testimony, her organizational capability and her music. 

Danny Koonce serves as the church's grounds coordinator making sure that the facility is taken care of and attended to in an orderly fashion. 




To the only family I've ever had: I will always Love you, cherish you, and pray for you. May God bless you and your new pastor. -A.D.Johnson



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